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About LiveView Technologies

LiveView Technologies started as Home View Technologies in 2005. After years in the mortgage industry they discovered a need for a remote management tool allowing both builders and homeowners to view real-time video of their projects from their home or office

Upon learning more about the technology they developed an offering and started Home View Technologies. They introduced it to the market and Home View Technologies became one of the first remote video solutions providers.

Since 2005 the company has worked hard at developing and improving their products and services to meet the demands of not only the construction industry, but for others as well.

After several years of growth in construction they discovered other industries could benefit from their remote solar video streaming services and in 2010 decided to re-brand as LiveView Technologies (LVT). LVT has experienced success in many different industries such as state DOT’s, oil, gas, emergency management, & education.

In the fall of 2015 the company noticed another opportunity in the market, security. They realized there was not an A to Z solution for security. Over the next 8 months they developed new technology and relationships to create the first full security solution.

The discovery of new applications for LiveView Technologies products and services are perpetual and we are constantly adapting to satisfy the needs of this fast paced industry.

Our Bottomline

We empower people to see more, know more, and do more every day.

Core Industries


Monitor the security and progress of your project from anywhere. Deter theft, direct subs remotely, archive pictures, compile time-lapse videos and ensure the productivity of your employees.


By nature these operations are away from high traffic areas and are often in very remote parts of the country. LiveView’s security and live video mobile trailers were designed to help secure and manage these remote sites. Realize cost savings through theft deterrence, increased efficiencies, and elevated investor confidence through live feed project monitoring 24/7.


LiveView Technologies has been working with many state DOT’s over the last several years. The technology provides a large cost savings to DOTs through decreased fuel, employee, and equipment costs on unnecessary trips, decreased overtime hours from wasted plow time, and a decreased carbon footprint by reducing emissions.

Security Guard

We have spent several years watching and learning from the security guard service industry.  One of our primary goals in creating the SST Pro was to help those companies with their clients.  Our system will allow you to cover more ground for longer hours and increase your profit margins.

Additional Industries








Emergency Services