David Lamb

David joined LVT in January of 2017. David has significant experience with high growth companies and in Finance, Operations and Strategic Marketing. He has successfully founded two start-ups in last seven years — AVID Acceptance which grew to $6mm in revenues with $35MM in assets in three years and Flex Fleet Rental which grow to $88MM in assets and $18MM in revenue in two years. Additionally, he was CFO of Tetra Financial Group and served as Sr. VP of Finance of Prestige Financial where he helped manage its growth to $550MM in assets from $60MM in seven years (2001 to 2007). At Prestige he managed the functional areas of Finance, IT and Portfolio Credit. All three companies are currently successful and profitable. During his career, he has managed every element of $1.5B in eight ABS transactions, $44.5 million in equity transaction and numerous bank lines of credit ranging from $500K to $150MM of various types. David also brings to LVT, skills and experience in accounting, HR, strategy and IT. He knows how to manage hyper-growth companies and the ability to manage through the related growing pains of fast growth companies. He has earned an MBA from BYU, BS in Economic from University of Minnesota and has been award the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation. David is married with three daughters and one son and enjoys Biking, Snow Skiing, Golf, Fishing and Camping.

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