Ryan Porter
CEO & President, Co-Founder

Ryan pioneered the market for self-powered remote surveillance services in 2005. At first, LiveView primarily serviced the construction industry providing video-only surveillance to construction job sites. Eventually, under Ryan’s leadership, LiveView expanded the service to include mobile trailers, fixed poles, in vehicle and wall mounted offering which utilizes the LiveView state of the art Cloud base security software. Ryan has in-depth knowledge of the key markets, vendor relationships, R&D processes and product/service applications that incorporate over 12 years of operational experience. Ryan has managed all elements of the business since inception, and has grown LiveView and developed its core technology on a pay as you go basis with little outside capital. Prior to LiveView, Ryan was a construction loan officer for eight years where he gained an understanding of the primary market for LiveView. He is active in his community and is married with one son and three daughters. He enjoys boating, snowmobiling and camping.

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